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Spy through the Keyholes of Time. Become a time traveler and explore the lives of the past on a miniature scale!

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This year, we have plenty of archaeological activities to suit all ages and interests. From tattooing bananas to making chocolate Roman coins, there are lots of exciting things to learn and explore!





Do you like coins? Do you like chocolate? Then come learn about how Romans would copy coins... with a chocolate twist!

Taste your own Chocolate Coins

'Hey everyone! My name is Blackletter. The Book of Hours in 14th century with vivid pigments, marbled endpapers and gilt edges will show you what I look like. Start to mark your own spiritual heritage using quill pen and a splash of wild ink to let the harmonious beauty of calligraphy accompany your life in the writing lab now.'


Make your own Illuminated Manucripts

Talking Tattoos! Come and find out all about ancient tattoos- who had them, how amazingly old they are, and what they might have meant. ‘Tattoo’ bananas, create new designs, and get your very own (temporary!) version of a real ancient tattoo!


Look forward to Tattoo Bananas




Have a glance at the ancient times through makeup as an everyday activity, find out how different or similar the life of ancient China was.


Black cats, shamrocks and magic beans, learn of charms and amulets and see what superstition means.

Trace the brushstrokes. Trace the history. Experience Chinese writing and calligraphy.





Come and explore !


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